A command line utility to Get and Set* any Windows Property of a file

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If you've ever needed to access file metadata properties from a command line, batch, PowerShell, or other scripting languages, TouchProp will allow you to access most metadata properties exposed by the Windows property system.

* For those properties that are read-write.


The Windows property system provides a generic interface to access file system and file metadata properties. Almost everything about a file that you can see, and where possible change, via Windows Explorer is exposed through the property system. TouchProp uses this programmatic interface to provide a means of reading and writing these properties from a command line program.

You can find more information on the Windows property system here.


  • Free for trial and personal non-commercial usage with the proviso of a "not registered" message reminder.
  • Licensed as part of our TouchPro product, so if you already have a TouchPro license, you also have TouchProp.
  • Simple unzip/copy installation - no run-time dependencies.
  • Straightforward command line operation; just specify the file name, the property's "canonical" name, and when setting the property, the property value(s).

    e.g. Set the author(s) of a file:
    TouchProp MyDocument.docx System.Author "Me;Myself;I"

    Providing the file type on your Windows system supports the System.Author property, it doesn't matter what type the file is; MS Word doc, docx, MS Excel xlsx, MS PowerPoint pptx, JPEG image, the same command will work if the file type supports it.


Supported Operating Systems

Windows 7 and later

Zip file 118 KB (121,490 bytes)

Open the zip file and copy its contents where you want to access TouchProp from.

Change List

V0.9 Initial public release.

V0.9.1 8 Jan 2017
Updated several error report messages to clarify the error in more user friendly terms.

Your feedback please

This is an early public release to get your feedback on this program. I've developed and tested it against a variety of files, but it now needs more people to try it. There's likely to be things that I've forgotten to write about here and things that may not work correctly, so please let me know via email of anything you encounter that's not covered in this document. Equally valuable to me is knowing what you're doing with it so that I can make it better suit your needs, so again, please let me know.

Thanks for your feedback.

David Lowndes



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